Telephone Service

Basic Telephone Service

Baca Valley Telephone offers local telephone service, business and residential, in the Des Moines (278) and Maxwell (375) exchanges. Sierra Communications offers local telephone service to businesses in the Raton (245 & 445) exchange (availability of services is based on your location). Customize your service by selecting Calling Features to meet your needs. Below are some of our most popular features:

  • Voice Mail
  • Caller Name and Number
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Speed Dialing
  • Call Forwarding
  • Teen Service
  • Distinctive Ringing
Long Distance

Sierra Communications offers Long Distance service at the competitive rate of 10¢ per minute for calls within the Continental United States. No rate plans, weekend plans, or access charges. When you have questions about your long distance service you can speak to one of our service representatives, not an automated voice system. No gimmicks, no come-ons, just great service at competitive prices. For International rates please call our office... 575.278.2101. View Terms and Conditions of Service ›

Bundled Service

Bundling combines selected telephone services to save you money. If you are a Baca Valley Telephone customer with residential telephone service, you are eligible to take advantage of this offer.

What's Included:

Pay only $79.95 a month for all these services. (Taxes and applicable surcharges not included.)

Special Needs

If you have a hearing disability, speech disability or other condition that prevents or limits your ability to communicate over voice networks, we have services and equipment available to assist you. Please contact our Business Office for more information.

Cellular Service

Sierra Communications, a subsidiary of Baca Valley Telephone Company, Inc., is an authorized agent for Plateau Wireless.

Useful Tips for Selecting a Calling Plan

Plateau Wireless offers a variety of calling plans. Visit their website Plateau Wireless for details about calling plans and area of service.

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